Sittin' and Fishin'
The spring of 2001 brought something that Westport has not seen in several years. The excellent ocean conditions were conducive to huge salmon returns and other great benefits. To our surprise and delight, the Westport boat basin is once again the temporary home to several large schools of herring. Fishermen of all ages have been enjoying catching these attractive fish. Some of the old timers take them home to pickle them, and others use them for bait. Some folks just enjoy the fun of catch and release.
To catch a small fish, you need a small hook. Most of the herring rigs have up to 6 hooks on them, and when the herring are really biting, you get several on at a time.
Herring Rig

Most of the herring are about 7 to 9 inches. People typically use a bucket or something similar to keep their catch in. The daily limit for a catch of herring is 10 pounds per person per day. The herring swim around all over the basin, so just because you don't see anyone fishing on a particular dock does not mean that there are not fish there. In April 2001, charter skippers could see gigantic schools throughout the boat basin with their fish finders.
Bucket of Herring

Four Guys Catching Herring

Just a Single
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