The Johns River Wildlife Area is a 1500 acre piece of land that lies a few miles east of Westport, near the Ocean Spray cranberry plant in Grays Harbor County. This natural setting provides scenic beauty and enjoyment for all. To get there, take an immediate left after crossing the John's river bridge when headed from Aberdeen. Turn left on Game Farm road and continue downhill towards the river. The parking lot is about 1/10th of a mile from the bridge.

Explore the scenic beauty of the dike trail.
Take a photographic stroll along the dike trail, see the scenic beauty of the area and visit the blind at the end of the paved portion. Continue on the unpaved portion and venture into the woods to see the native plants and trees.
Explore the dike trail.
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Hunting, Fishing and Photography
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Fishing, Hunting and Photography
Photographers will find excellent subject matter in the scenic surroundings. Hunters and fishermen will enjoy the abundant wildlife and fish..

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