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The Pacific razor clam (Siliqua patula) is abundant on beaches from California to Alaska. The adult clams live right in the surf, and out as far as one-half mile. People dig them at low tide when their holes are visible in the dry sand and shallow surf. North Cove and Grayland, 10 minutes south of Westport, have several miles of digging area. When seasons are open, people travel from all over Washington State and the Seattle area to dig clams.


Razor clams are fun to dig. Thousands of people flock to the beach when the season opens in hopes of getting their daily limit of 15 clams. If you would like to learn the basics of clam digging or if you want to learn how to be an expert digger, we have provided a clam digging how-to page.

Now that you have your limit, you will need to clean your clams. All you need is a pair of scissors, and you are ready to start cleaning. For more details and photo instructions, visit the clam cleaning how-to page.

Ready for dinner? Some of the locals have mastered cooking clams, and we are going to show you how they do it. For more details and photo instructions, visit the clam cooking how-to page.

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