Attract more customers to your business... By using a web site to advertise on the Internet.
Business Card Listing FREE
WestportWa.com link $175.00 (per year)
Web Site Design & Creation $100 per site
Page Maintenance Free*
Banner Ads Pricing Sheet

Web Site Hosting - If you have a business in the Westport area, your address is probably already listed on WestportWA.com for free. If you want more exposure, we will host a web page for you or provide a link to your existing web site.

Web Site Design and Creation - Coming up with an attractive and informative web site that will draw customers and give a professional appearance is difficult. Our web site design service makes this easy for you. We will work with you to create a page that will suit your needs.

Flash Sites and Animations - If you are looking for interactive web content on the cutting edge of technology, you want a web site designed in Macromedia Flash. This will give your page a great look and improve the first impression you make on your customers.

Page Maintenance - From time to time, your new page will need to be updated. Our low cost of $25 per hour makes it easy for you to make changes to your site. We bill in 3 minute increments, so most small changes will only cost a few dollars. For minute changes, the fee is usually waived.

Banner Ads - The WestportWA site is large, and there are many places for you to get your business more exposure through banner ads. Prices vary based on where you want to place the ad. High traffic areas, such as the front page, or the main category pages cost from $30-$80 per month. The banner ads in the Photo Gallery, which is one of the most popular parts of the site, are only $1.

* Small amounts of page maintenance are free. Large updates will be charged.

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