Fun things to see
and do in the
Westport area

Fun things to see
and do in the
Westport area
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Your Visitor's Guide for Westport, Washington

There are many fun things to do in Westport, Washington. We have listed many of them here for you in alphabetical order. Click on the links below for more information. If you know of an activity that is not on the list, please fill out our comments form and let us know about it. Thanks.
  1. Antique Stores
    There are a few antique stores in the area that may have just what you have been looking for.
  2. Aquarium
    At the dock area, Westport has a small aquarium which displays many of the different fish that live off of our coast.
  3. Beach
    The area boasts miles and miles of beautiful public access beach for you to enjoy in many ways. You can play in the sand, wade in the water, and soak up the atmosphere as you watch and listen to the surf pound against the shore. The southern portion of the beach can be accessed with cars, so you can drive right down on the beach. Be sure to bring a camera along because the beach is great subject matter for pictures.
  4. Bicycling
    Both Westport and Grayland are excellent for bicycling. The back roads in Grayland are quite scenic and go right next to hundreds of acres of cranberry bogs. There are also several logging roads for the explorer who is looking for a more challenging ride.
  5. Bird Watching
    The tidal flats, sand dunes, and wooded areas are home to a large number of birds. To assist you in your bird watching, you may want to print out a copy of this bird watching checklist. Don't forget your binoculars and camera. Some charterboats also offer opportunities for viewing offshore birds.
  6. Boardwalk
    At the very end of Neddie Rose Drive in Westport at the dock area is the scenic boardwalk. Fishermen and sightseers frequently visit this attraction. You can watch boats enter and exit the Westport Marina right next to you. There is also a very scenic view of Grays Harbor from the boardwalk. Be sure to see this while you are in town.
  7. Boat Basin Fishing
    The boat basin is open for salmon fishing in the fall. It is exciting, because you can see them swimming around as you hope they will bite your bait or lure. In and around the area of the boat basin are a variety of fish. Kids will enjoy using hand lines and leaning over the docks to catch small perch. If you bring your pole, and fish right next to the pilings with sand shrimp, there are some large perch in there too. There are many other fish in the area as well. The spring also brings fishing for herring in huge schools of that at times saturate the entire boat basin. They are really fun to catch.
  8. Boogie Boarding
    Surf's up! Boogie boarders really have a great time in Westport. There are a variety of places to go. They often use the area north of the marina around the finger jetties on the small beaches there. Some also get adventurous and tackle the big waves near the South Jetty. To find out how big the waves are right now, go to the Other Features page and click on the Ocean Conditions link.
  9. Charter Fishing
    Charter fishing is alive and well in Westport! Charter boats run a variety of trips including Bottomfishing, Halibut, Tuna, Salmon, Whale Watching, and more. Contact one of the charter offices or the Westport Charterboat Association for more information.
  10. Clam Digging
    Razor Clams are plentiful on the beaches of Grayland and North Cove. They are fun to dig, and they are very tasty. Seasons vary, and are establised by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. For more information on digging, cleaning, and cooking razor clams, see our razor clam pages.

  11. Coast Guard Flag Tower
    Halfway down the road to the South Jetty is the Coast Guard flag tower. This tower lets boats know about the wind conditions that are on the ocean. One red pennant is a small craft advisory. Two red pennants is a gale warning. A red flag with a black square is a storm warning. Two red flags with black squares in them is a hurricane warning. (Let's hope we don't see any of those).
  12. Commercial Fishing Fleet
    There are a large variety of commercial fishing boats in the Westport marina. Coming soon, we will have photos and an explanation of what each boat does. Feel free to walk down the docks on the south end of the marina and look at all the different kinds of boats.
  13. Crab Gear
    You can see thousands of dungeness crab pots at the dock area in Westport. Commercial crab season usually opens in December, and many crabbers quit in the spirng and put their gear away for the year. You can see what these pots look like at the southern end of the marina. In the winter, the pots will be out on the ocean.
  14. Crabbing
    Both Tokeland's and Westport's marinas are good for dungeness crab fishing. You can buy or rent crab pots and bait at various places in town.
  15. Cranberry Farms
    In Grayland, there are hundreds of acres of cranberry bogs. You can drive right next to them and see what they are like. We have created a self-guided cranberry tour that takes you through the bog area and explains about cranberry farming in Grayland. They are harvested in late September and early October.
  16. Day use parks
    In addition to the miles of beach, the area also has day use parks for you to enjoy. The Westport City park has toys for the kids to play on. There is also a nice covered picnic area in case it rains.
  17. Driving tours of the area
    Not sure exactly where to go to see interesting things in the area? Print out one of our driving tours and take it with you. The Self-guided Cranberry Tour is fun and informative. More tours coming soon!
  18. Dune Trail
    Starting at the dock area by the viewing tower, there is a 2.2 mile pedestrian and bicycle trail that leads to the lighthouse. It is a very enjoyable walk or bike ride. It is part of the Westport Maritime Museum's History Trail.

  19. Elk Grazing Area
    Elk are occasionally seen in two different places. One is about 1/4 mile west of the elk river bridge on the left, and the other is accross the highway from the Ocean Spray cranberry cannery. (see the John's River Wildlife Area)
  20. Fishing
    You can enjoy jetty fishing, charter fishing, surf fishing, and fishing off the docks in the marina in both Tokeland and Westport.
  21. Fog Horn
    You know you are at the beach when you hear the fog horn. It warns mariners of the dangers of the sunken jetty. It can be heard for quite a distance.
  22. Gift Shops
    There are several gift shops throughout the south beach area. It is a shopper's paradise.
  23. Go-Karts
    The Breakers Motel, located near the airport has a go-kart track.
  24. Half Moon Bay
    To the east of the South Jetty is a small cove that the locals call Half Moon Bay. You will find a nice beach, and rarely has people. It is one of best places to visit. You can get there by following the road to the South Jetty, and you can walk from the parking lot.
  25. Harbor Tours
    If you are looking for something fun to do for a great price, you can take a harbor tour. These tours are fun and informative. Visit or call Buccaneer Tours for more information.
  26. John's River Wildlife Area
    A few miles before you come into Westport, you will cross the John's river bridge. If you take the first left and follow the road as it heads back to the river, you will find the John's River Wildlife Area. In the lowlands, elk are often seen. This is also a good place to launch a small boat to do some trout fishing or picture taking.
  27. Kite Flying
    The consistent afternoon northwest wind makes the Westport, Grayland, Tokeland area one of the best places on the West Coast to fly kites. There is always plenty of room for kite flying and plenty of wind. Bring your kite when you come to the area, or you can buy one from one of the many gift shops.
  28. Lighthouse
    The Grays Harbor Lighthouse is one thing that you need to see when you are in Westport. It is a very tall lighthouse, and has a rich history.
  29. Look for Agates
    At the north end of the beach for about a mile south of the South Jetty, the beach is covered with small rocks. Among these rocks are some agates that you can find. You can stroll the beach as you look for these. It is easiest to find them at low tide.
  30. Maritime Museum
    Be sure to visit the Westport Maritime Museum. The museum is the home of the Destruction Island lighthouse lens. This lens is absolutely beautiful. The museum is informative, interesting, and educational. This is a must see sight when you visit Westport.
  31. Motels, Cabins and House Rentals
    If you are looking to get away from it all and spend some time at the beach, the area has many Lodging options.
  32. Nature Trail at Twin Harbors State Park
    Just south of Westport is the wonderful Twin Harbors State Park. On the beach side of the park, there is a nice nature trail for your walking pleasure.
  33. Nature Trail at Grayland State Park
    The State Park in Grayland also has a nice nature trail for you to visit.
  34. Old Whaling Station
    Many years ago when whaling was still legal, there was a whaling station just upstream of the Elk river bridge. Now all that is left is the piling formation that marks this historic structure.
  35. Oyster Beds
    From the Elk River bridge you can look to the north and see the oyster beds at low tide.
  36. Photography
    There are several scenic areas to photograph around Westport. Be sure to bring your camera!
  37. Restaurants
    There are many places for you to dine on the South Beach. Be sure and try one of our restaurants.

  38. Recreational Fishing
    The Westport Marina has space for over 650 vessels. There is a boat launch facility for all sizes of boats. Check the Port of Grays Harbor for details.
  39. RV Parks
    In addition to our state parks, the South Beach area has several RV parks that are nice and reasonably priced.
  40. Scuba Diving
    A fairly well kept secret, the Westport area abounds with sea life for scuba divers to enjoy.
  41. Seafood
    There are several seafood markets in Westport for you to buy fresh seafood from including the Seafood Connection. You can also buy seafood off the docks at various times of the year.
  42. Shell Collecting
    From Tokeland to the South Jetty, there is an abundance of shells that wash up on the beach for you to collect and enjoy.
  43. Shellfish
    You can catch your own crab or dig your own razor clams on the South Beach. Be sure to check with the Department of Fisheries to see when the season is open.
  44. Shoalwater Bay Casino
    In Tokeland is the Shoalwater Bay Casino. They have both slot machines and table games.
  45. South Jetty
    The South Jetty is a great thing to see. It stops erosion, and provides habitat for an abundance of sea life. The Army Corps of Engineers built it several years ago and works to maintain it. You can walk out on the road a short distance and get a good look at boats coming in from this marvel.
  46. Special Events
    The Chamber of Commerce puts together a great list of exciting events for you to enjoy.
  47. State Parks
    There are three state parks in the area. They are very nice and right on the beach. Westhaven State Park is located very near the South Jetty at the northernmost end of the beach. Another is in Grayland on County Line Road, and the other is at the Y between Westport and Grayland. You will see it on the left right before the beach approach.
  48. Storm Watching
    The Ocean gets quite rough in the Winter, and swells often get over 25 feet high. The pounding surf is a sight to see and hear. Stay far back from the water. The ocean can be extermely dangerous.

  49. Sturgeon Fishing
    You can launch a boat from Westport and head upstream into the Chehalis for some fine sturgeon fishing. Check regulations for details.
  50. Surf Fishing
    If you have a good long pole and you like surf perch, give surf fishing a try about 1/2 mile south of the south jetty. There are surf perch that bite on sand shrimp.
  51. Surfing
    Right next to the South Jetty, you will find a good place for surfing. It is becoming more and more popular, even among the locals. Wesport also hosts an Annual Surfing Contest and the Polar Surf Challenge. Check the events schedule for more information.
  52. Tokeland Marina
    On the south end of the beach in Tokeland is the Tokeland Marina. This is an excellent place for photographers to snap shots of the scenery. It is also a great place for crabbers and people looking for a fun place to look around.
  53. Trout Fishing
    John's River has a boat launch and in the summer is a great place to catch cutthroat trout. See the Department of Fisheries for season and license information.
  54. Viewing Tower
    At the dock area, the tall viewing tower is a great place to stop and check out the scenery. Be sure to bring your camera.
  55. Wash-Away Beach
    In North Cove, nature is pounding away at the coastline which has lost miles of land and homes. Be careful when you go. You can see that the roads just end where they used to continue on land into what is now the Willapa Bay.
  56. Westport Airport
    Small planes can take off and land from the airstrip in Westport.
  57. Westport Winery
    The westernmost winery in the state of Washington.
  58. Whale Watching
    Your best bet is to go on one of the charters, but in the spring, you can sometimes see the whales blow from the beach near the jetty. Come to Westport and appreciate the beauty of these magnificent creatures.

Westport, Washington is a fantastic vacation destination for the entire family.. The area has miles of beaches and lots of things to see and do. The marina is one of the largest commercial fishing ports on the West Coast, and also has a large charter fleet of fishing boats ready to take you on an adventure for salmon, bottomfish, whale watching, or albacore tuna. We have an active Chamber of Commerce that has regular events all summer long. Come and join us!

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